Chord Diagram Display Problem

In the chord diagram on the left, the “fr. 7” part seems to be stacked vertically and is getting cut off. It should look like the one on the right. I’ve tried deleting and re-entering the chord and even using different chords with the same effect–the fret number is stacked and cut off. How can I fix that?

This is a bug, and it shouldn’t happen. Try making a small adjustment to the size of the Chord Diagram Fret Number Font in Library > Font Styles, e.g. reducing its size by 0.5pt.

I took it down several font sizes and while it makes the fret number smaller, it is still stacked and obscured.

After some experimenting, I have found that this odd behaviour tends to happen much more often if the Rastral size is size 3 (7.0mm) or larger. Changing page margins, the various note spacing settings and changing between actual and ideal widths when justifying music also have an effect on the location and the frequency of its occurrence.

@bkshepard, if you could attach the troublesome project here, we’ll take a look and see if we can find the magic incantation that will resolve this for you.

Here you go, thanks.
Yellow-Chords.dorico (1.2 MB)

@dspreadbury - Results of some more experimenting, in case it helps to shed light on the situation:

Set the Rhythmic Grid to 16ths.
In the Full Score layout, click on the first chord diagram in bar 1 of the Ukulele player.
Use alt-right arrow to move the chord diagram along by one 16th at a time.
At most positions in the bar, it will display correctly.
Keep moving the diagram to the right.
Once the diagram had been moved into bar 4, it displayed incorrectly on the second 16th of the first beat
Moving or deleting the B(add 11) diagram part way through bar 4 caused the problematic one to display correctly.

After closing the project (without saving) and re-opening it, I tried the same in the Ukulele layout.
Similar behaviours were observed, but the positions in the bars where they happened were often not the same as when in the Full Score layout, eg the behaviour observed in bar 4 of the Full Score layout occurred in bar 2 of the Ukulele layout.

Also I found that if the diagram was displaying incorrectly at a particular position in a bar, pasting another diagram into the same bar and moving it around would cause the problematic diagram to display correctly when the pasted diagram was at certain positions in that bar.

Any chord diagram with a fret indication (not just the B chord) positioned at the start of beat 1 in bar 1 will display incorrectly.

Changing the key signature affected the rhythmic position at which a chord diagram would display incorrectly.

When I went into Engrave mode > Note Spacing and moved the big blue edit handle at the start of a system (in both the Full Score layout and the Ukulele layout), the chord diagrams would change how they displayed as the system contracted towards the right. Even some of the Guitar diagrams (with fret indication) were affected.

Also, in Engraving mode > Graphic Editing, selecting any one of the chord diagrams which have a fret indication and moving it left or right with alt-arrow (and its variations) will, at various positions in the bar, cause it to toggle between displaying correctly and displaying with the fret indication vertically stacked and obscured (as in the OP’s image).

This should be resolved, by the way, in the recent Dorico 4.3.10/11 update.


When the Dorico 4.3.10/11 update came out, I opened the Yellow-Chords.dorico project and moved the chord symbols around by various increments and using the methods which I described in my last post. The “Chord Diagram Display Problem” does indeed appear to have been fixed.

Yes, it does appear to be fixed. Thank you for following up!