Chord diagram edit options vanished- Dorico app

I’ve had some issues with the Dorico app and decided to reinstall. Following the reinstall I imported my working projects, but now my chord diagram edit options have just vanished, I use to have a dropdown with many options.; I now have just two!! I’m trying to complete a big project and am close to going back to my old Sibelius program. Can someone please help.

Sorry to hear you’ve got this problem, Jamie. I guess the issue will be that you need to restore your existing subscription or Lifetime Unlock in-app purchase. Go to the application menu at the right-hand end of the toolbar and choose Restore Purchase from in there.

I’ve tried that. I have restored purchases several time but still I don’t have the chord edit options. Also I keep getting a pop up saying the project I’m working on has been deleted and it needs renaming. Since i reinstalled it’s gone super unreliable. I’m not sure what to do about this chord edit menu, I can’t continue the project without these options.