Chord Diagram - Editing Bug?

I’m having trouble editing certain chord diagrams. I can’t determine why it happens on some diagrams and not others, but when it does, I find that the fingering dot won’t move to the fret I click on, but 1 fret lower. I also can’t delete the highest fret, even if it contains no fingering. Anyone else seeing this?

btw, couldn’t find another thread discussing this, sorry if it’s been discussed.

You are right : here with Dorico 4 same problem (windows) and very slow to redraw
Not with dorico 3.5 (fast)

@falhousen, can you provide a project in which this problem can be reliably reproduced? A bit of experimentation here hasn’t produced a chord diagram where clicking produces a dot one fret higher than the position I’m clicking.

In my case (windows 10), I just tested at the opening of Dorico
create New → Guitar then Right click on player’s name “Guitar” and put Chord Diagrams/Standard guitar tuning
the in the sheet shift +Q and write “C” and after “G”
And in engrave mode, double click give this

I also tested in changing a tunning and put Ukulele: same problem.
In fact dorico put the information one fret above the click and slow response
best regards

This works OK for me. I wonder whether this could be related to display density somehow? If you change the display scaling value in Windows’s display prefs, does that make any difference?

Some new informations and test :

  1. Three files : all open and no problem with Dorico 3.5
    2.Create in 4 and save then open with 3.5 and resave with 3.5, then reopen in 4 : problem
    3.Create a project in 3.5 and save then open in 4 : OK
    I put name on project to be I hope clear
    test_create_4.dorico (519.8 KB)
    test_create_in 3_5.dorico (457.5 KB)
    test_createIn_4_openAndResave_in D3_5.dorico (509.3 KB)
    And last one if i open your Coldplay-Clocks and put standrd tunning to chords diagram: it works also
    But in comparaison of dorido3.5 it’s slower

@Dup, it doesn’t seem that you are experiencing the same issue as @falhousen, but rather simply that you find moving the dots to be slower than in Dorico 3.5.

I’m interested in @falhousen’s problem, which is that clicking in between two frets causes the dot to appear for the fret above where he’s clicking.

No I think you didn’t read my post till the end
and if you look at my gif you will see and this problem is not here if we project was created by Dorico 3.5

Same problem here, dots not appearing at the mouse click position, but one fret above.

Hi Daniel,

Here’s a file exhibiting the problem (for me at least).
To reproduce, do the following:
ChordDiagramIssue.dorico (852.3 KB)

  1. Edit the first chord diagram in the song: Gmi6 (i.e., rt. click and choose, “Chord Symbols and Diagrams|Show all Variants of Chord Diagram…”)
  2. In the dialog box, pick the last shape in the top row.
  3. Try to edit the 4th string note


I now know why I’m unable to reproduce this issue, but you can: my colleague Bill noticed and fixed this problem a couple of weeks ago. So the good news is that the issue with the fret above the one you click on ending up with the dot will be fixed in our next update, which is coming soon.

The other reported problem where you’re prevented from deleting the highest fret was one that Bill didn’t know about, and we’ll try to fix that as soon as we can.

Sorry for the confusion in this thread!

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Thanks Daniel and Bill!