Chord diagram regions?

Is there a way to show chord diagrams in certain regions only?
I am not talking about chord symbols btw. I want chord symbols for the whole score but diagrams in specific bars only.
At the moment, I have to do it with a new flow/player which is doable but cumbersome.


Its not possible at the moment but very needed IMHO

I highly second this, maybe via hide switch in the properties panel

Welcome to the forum, WSperner. This is on our backlog for implementation in a future version.

I would love the ability to be able to designate a chord symbol region as I can a slash region. I work mainly with lead sheets for fretted instruments. My arrangements often feature an intro (and sometimes an outro) that has specific voicings, and the voicings in the body of the song are open to interpretation. It would be wonderful to be able to select a passage and choose “Show Chord Diagrams” just for that passage, with the ability to adjust the diagrams to suit the arrangement.

Very good. Definitely a needed feature for creating professional guitar notation. As stated above, chord diagrams might be needed for only specific chords or perhaps just the first time each chord appears, etc., as they do take plenty of space in the layout.

Looking forward to having this in Dorico 4:)


Bisognerebbe che in Dorico ci fosse la possibilità, come in MuseScore, di poter rendere invisibile qualsiasi oggetto selezionato.
In un mio post (poco tempo fa) mi chiedevo come rendere invisibile una stanghetta prima dell’armatura di chiave ma non ho avuto ancora risposta.

In general, I disagree with this assertion: there is normally a deeper underlying requirement behind simply “I want to hide something”, and I prefer to understand the nature of that requirement so that we can implement the most appropriate solution.