Chord diagram selection and editing problems

I’ve just upgraded to Dorico Elements 5 Ver. from Dorico SE. I’m running it on MacOS Sonoma 14.4.1.
According to the manual, selecting a chord diagram in Write mode and pressing
Alt/Opt-Q should allow me to cycle through the available chord shapes but nothing happens.

Shift-Alt/Opt-Q should bring up the Choose Chord Diagram dialog but nothing happens.

If I am in Engrave mode double clicking on a chord diagram brings up the Edit Chord Diagram dialog and I am able to edit the chord. When I press Save, the dialog closes but the chord does not update and I have no way of knowing whether it has been saved or have any way of selecting it.

I can’t seem to find anywhere in the menus that allows me to get to these features without using keystroke combinations so all I can get is the default chord shapes Dorico chooses to give me.

Is there a typo in the manual and the keystroke combination is incorrect or is this a bug?

already that if ever with right click on the chord

I think there must be a bug in my Mac version because all I get when I right click is

Chord Symbols and Diagrams>
Copy Shape to Matching Chord Symbols
Clear Chord Symbol Played Pitches

I agree, something is wrong.

In Elements I cannot cycle through chord shapes, or show the chord diagram dialog. In Pro it works as described.

Welcome to the forum, @Andill. I’m sorry to say that this is a regression in Dorico 5.1.30(32) caused by the way we have rejigged the commands that are excluded from the cut-down versions. We will fix this in the next update, which is coming soon.


I hope the update is not too far away as this functionality is the main reason I upgraded to Elements from SE as I did not think it was available in SE.
Otherwise I think Dorico is brilliant.

I’m really sorry for the inconvenience caused. I can’t say for sure when the next update will be released, for which I also apologise.