Chord Diagrams and Symbols on same page

When I prepare song transcriptions for my students, its mostly chord symbols, because they know their guitar chords quite well, but sometimes its still necessary to fire a chord diagram for the odd chord or odd voicing.
I hope this will soon be possible in Dorico as it is in S… to decide on individual basis to show symbol or show diagram.


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So you are kind of looking for a switch in the Properties panel that would allow one to Show Fretboard for an individual note/chord.


Tried to cut out chord diagrams in Affinity publisher to leave the chart with only the most needed chord diagrams.
It is a mess to do.
really hoping this can be implemented soon

You can try this perhaps in waiting : guitar
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I keep stumbling on the same problem but I’ found some kind of workaround for the time being…
to have the first 8 bars with chord diagrams and the next 24 bars of chord symbols
in Setup
1st player will hold chord diagrams (right click on card set chord diagram)
2nd player that will hold symbols
in Galley view enter the music for both players according to which chord display you want (diag. or symb.)
then in the first 8 bars hide the symbols
and in the next 24 hide the diagrams
and don’t forget to hide empty bars in layout options

Still would like some kind of acknowledgement from the D crew that this will be improved


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Just want to second your request. Same problem here: Sometimes the voicing is more important/not common, sometimes not… should be possible to decide case by case via properties panel.

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Would just like to also say I would love to see this option. I’ve just commented on an earlier post of yours @SeeWhat before I found this one. This feature would be incredibly useful!