Chord diagrams at beginning become disconnected from score?

Hi all,

could someone please double-check this for me?
Any changes in the diagrams don’t get reflected in the chord diagrams overview anymore…
Chord diagrams FORUM.dorico (1.0 MB)


I’ll need a bit more time to look into this and discuss with a colleague, so please give me a bit of time to investigate.

Thanks Dan, much appreciated! :smiling_face: :+1:

FYI, I did play around with capo chords and transpositions quite a bit before this happened.

The issue is indeed that the layout options for the “chords used” frame are now looking for a capo definition that’s no longer in use in your project, and so it doesn’t think that the chord diagrams showing in the music are the ones it’s looking for.

Unfortunately it’s not possible at the moment to reset this in a surgical fashion: you have to click Reset to Factory in the Layout Options dialog to undo it.

“These are not the chord diagram shapes you’re looking for.”

:joy: :rofl:

Alright, I’ll reset the Layout Options!

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