Chord Diagrams at Beginning

How does one go about changing the chord diagram voicing that appear at the beginning of a score (when one chooses “Show chord diagrams used at start of flow” in the Layout Options dialog? They are not selectable. Interesting, I went to the Engrave->Chord diagrams dialog, and the voicing I want is the one that appears under the chosen chord, but that’s not the voicing that appears at the beginning of the score.

If this is documented, help me find it. I couldn’t place it in the documentation.

See the bottom of page 33 and top of page 34 in the Dorico 3.5 Version History PDF, which for the new features added in Dorico 3.5 is at the time of writing the only source of documentation; the online operation manual has not yet been updated to include all of the new features added in version 3.5.

Thanks, Daniel!

Got it! Works as described.

One oddity was that as I cycled through the chord shapes for one of the chords (E7 on Standard Ukulele Tuning), the shape I was looking for wasn’t one of the ones offered, even though it is the shape that appears first in the Chord Diagrams dialog. I simply edited one of the chords that was offered, selected it, and then applied it to all similar chords and all is well. I just wasn’t sure why the shape I was looking for didn’t appear. Curious.

Ukulele chords often have the root not as the lowest note in the chord, and if you want Dorico to present to you chords where the root isn’t the lowest note, you should change the appropriate option on the Chord Diagrams page of Note Input Options.

Thanks again, Daniel!

The ‘Tuning for chord diagrams at start of flow’ drop-down menu in Layout Options does noes not seem to include any custom tunings created in the project. Is this correct?

Hi Knut!
Do you mean you are using different scordature in your piece?

Hi, Mark!
Yes, the tuning is in open C (C - G - C - E - G - C), which is not an option in dorico by default.

Ok, but if you don’t change the scordatura during the flow, the chord diagrams shpuld reflect it. Just wondering why it doesn’t work for you.

Knut, if you created your custom tuning in Dorico 3.1 or earlier, please open the Edit Strings and Tunings dialog in Setup mode, make a change to your tuning, OK the dialog, then go back into the dialog and make the corresponding change to undo it. The act of creating or changing the custom tuning is currently required to make the custom tuning appear in the various lists of tunings that appear in the interface, including in Layout Options. This isn’t really correct, and in the next update, we are adding a step that will automatically add custom tunings when the project is loaded as well as when the tunings are created or edited, so this confusing aspect of the current behaviour will be smoothed over.

Thanks Daniel for the explanation!

The scordatura is correct in the chord diagrams in the score, but wrong at the start of the flow (above the music).

I created the tuning in Dorico 3.5, but even so, the tuning is still nowhere to be found in the Drop-down menu in Layout Options.

Just to be perfectly clear: The diagrams (and the tuning) shows up correctly in the score. The problem is exclusively with the diagrams at the start of the flow (above the music), since the tuning can’t be selected for these.

You’re right, Knut, there’s a little bit of missing logic here that is preventing the tuning from appearing in the Layout Options dialog. Sorry about that: I’ve now fixed this, so (subject to the fix passing our testing team) this will be fixed in the next update, whenever it appears.

I see. Thanks, Daniel!

Come to think of it, does there even need to be a separate tuning selection for the chord ledger? Without it, one might imagine being able to include diagrams with more than one tuning whenever needed, which isn’t currently possible.