Chord diagrams at start of flow stay although not present any more

In this piece, F/C and Gm/C are not present anymore, but they are still displayed at the start of the flow. Any ideas, how to get rid of them?

Welcome to the forum, @StudioMSWOB. They must be somewhere in the flow, otherwise they wouldn’t appear (unless there’s a bug at work, of course, which isn’t impossible). Could you attach the project itself so we can take a look?

Thanks for attaching the project. You’re right: Dorico is currently not picky enough about where the chord diagrams come from. It shouldn’t show chord diagrams in the guitar part that are local to the bass guitar part. We’ll take care of this in a future update. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

Thanks for looking at the project, alright - I’ll remove the “wrong” diagrams manually using a DTP application - no big deal. By the way, I remember someone asked for an option to hide individual diagrams (e.g. property-based) some time ago. I would also welcome such a feature. Keep up your fantastic work! :slight_smile: