Chord diagrams collide with flow headings

Chord diagrams collide With flowheadings (pic 1), and it seems like it’s no way to make it look ok unless you do a lot of tweaking in engrave mode. Is it a bug or have I missed something?
If I make the diagrams bigger in engrave options setting (pic 2) , it’s even worse.

chord diagram collition - no automatic space ajustment.JPG

Try increasing the music frame top margin on the Page Setup page of Layout Options.

That doesn’t change anything, but you’ve pointed me in the direction of <LayoutOption/PageSetup/Flows/FlowHeadingBottomMargin> which is doing the trick it seems.
Thanks for your help, Daniel!
It would have been nice to have an Automatic minimum distance between the Diagram and the flow heading tho. :blush: