Chord diagrams issues/bugs

Hey there, running into 2 issues with chord diagrams :

First on some chords when I fire the “Generate chord symbols from selection”, it doesn’t work for some chords and sets a random diagram, see for instance the attached screenshot.

Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 08.07.53

Second, when I set the property of the chord name to hidden, save then reopen the file, all chord names AND diagrams that were generated are gone, here are two screenshots before closing the file then after reopening it :

Thanks in advance for fixing these :slight_smile:

For your first issue, I believe Dorico will only use your voicing for the diagram if it can find a matching voicing in your chord diagram library. Perhaps you want to add these extra voicings into your chord diagram library. Does that explain what you’re seeing?

For your second issue, it sounds like you actually want to use the “Show only” property, not the “Hidden” property. The “Hidden” property is intended to hide both the symbol and the diagram - it is in fact a bug (which I will log) that it doesn’t do so until after you reopen the score.

Thanks for your reply !

As a matter of fact I did add this voicing to the library and when I click on “Show variants etc…” it appears. (btw, I suspect it will be only for this particular Cmaj7 and not for all maj7 chords that Dorico will think of this voicing, is that right ?)
Could we have in the near future a dynamic library like we have in Guitar Pro ?
It would detect the frets on the tab and make it a chord diagram, then we could add it to the library, it would be awesome as there can be many voicings and apparently in Dorico they are hard coded.
In GP you just press A (for Accord, which is Chord in french) on any note of the tab and it detects vertically all the frets that are played and make them into a diagram, provided there’s no like 10 frets gap between the minimum and maximum fret number.
It’s much better I think as well for the dev team rather than hard code every possible voicing.

As for the second solution thanks I’m gonna try that !

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Could you attach a small project that contains the voicing (in the Chord Diagrams library) and an example of the chord symbol in the score, so I can see if I can reproduce the problem?

Here’s the project.
I fixed the Show only stuff ; if I delete the Cmaj7 custom voicing then redo the “Generate chord symbols” it does the same as before, with an alternate voicing.

Les Accords de 7e.dorico (1.5 MB)

And here’s a screenshot of the screen when I fire the “Show variants” tab, it selects the first voicing but the one I custom-created still appears in blue.

Thanks, we’ll have to investigate this further.

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Daniel had a look at this, and reminded me of the crucial thing I’d not considered. That is that we don’t normally consider chord shapes that use the thumb - the way we look up chord diagram shapes includes working out which fingers might be involved, and this will weed out chord shapes that require more than four fingers. You can fix this, though, by turning on “Allow thumb” on the Chord Diagrams page of Note Input Options. You may or may not also need to explicitly set the fingering for the lowest note in your custom chord shapes to “T”, as Dorico may or may not be able to work that out automatically depending on the shape.

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Oh yes this is a thumb position, it’s quite common actually on the guitar, thanks I’ll try that out then !
(maybe for future versions the algorithm could be improved on those types of chords ?)