Chord diagrams not showing at top of page

When I select the option to show chord diagrams at the top of the page this happens. A large blank space with no chord diagrams in it. does anyone know why this happens? I really cannot see how to rectify this.

Are you able to attach the project here so I can take a look and see what might be going on?

I have managed to get this top work on another project after a lot of effort but this keeps on happening. Also on the Full score which should be the same the spacing in the first few lines has gone awry too.
Corcavado - No tab.dorico (1.2 MB)

I managed to get the chord diagrams to show at the top of the score and the guitar part by:

In Engrave mode, removing all page overrides in the score and the guitar part

Selecting Chord Symbols and Diagrams in Layout Options, highlighting the score and the guitar part, Resetting to Factory, then clicking “Show chord diagrams used at start of flow”, and then clicking Apply.

Obviously, this changed the layout.

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This appears to be the key step (but only needed on the page with the flow header). @Lillie_Harris I can’t find it documented anywhere that the layout option for show chord diagrams at start of flow doesn’t work if there is a page override already in place. However, remove the page override and the magically the diagrams appear.

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I’ll make a note, but as it likewise applies in a lot of other places (hiding/showing flow headings, for example) and is a fundamental principle of how page templates work, I might need to consider the best approach for this.

I still can’t get it to work as I have no idea what is meant by removing all page overrides or how to remove whatever they may be. All I can do is get it to this blank space again.

See here:

And for more information:

I’ve done this and they have finallly appeared but it removed the title and also put the flow 1 heading in it. Does this mean to do this properly I will need to do it before I have put a heading in it?

The correct method of adding the title is not to override the page by double-clicking and replacing the token, but by going into Project Info and inserting title, composer etc information there. Dorico then uses the templates already on the page by default to display the correct title.

If you don’t want to see the “1. Flow 1” heading in addition to the project title, you can hide flow headings (again without creating a local page override, and this is something you can change for all layouts in one go as well).

Can I make one suggestion about all this. At the moment there are lots of good function in Dorico but they seem to be set up all over the place rather than strictly keeping them all in one place for each related subject. It would be nice if all categories had their own section with all conected functions in that one section…

Categorisation is certainly tricky, and can get quite complicated. You can trust however that the Dorico team thinks carefully about consistency, discoverability, and usability when developing new features.