chord diagrams sans staves


First - big thanks for Dorico Pro 3. Really really impressive.

Is it possible to create a series of chord diagrams, and then hide the staff that they’re created from? I’m interested in creating a page of different voicings for the same chord, and hide the staff would be helpful.

Thanks as always,

Joshua Stamper

There’s no good way to do this at present, no, but we are planning to add a “chords used” chart feature in future that would produce a grid of chord diagrams at the start of a flow, which would perhaps help with this kind or requirement.

This would fill a huge need, I think. It’s very difficult to find chord diagram editors that give clean, beautiful output. I’d love to be able to use Dorico to create custom diagrams (and export them as graphics).

Agreed, Dan.

And thank you, Daniel. I continue to be so impressed with the Dorico Team’s attentiveness to their customers’ needs.

Thanks much, and take good care,

Joshua Stamper