Chord Diagrams

Is it possible to edit the chord diagrams at he beginning of the piece. I would like to edit the voicing. I don’t wish to display the chord diagrams by each chord name, only at the start of the piece. Thanks.

See this thread from yesterday.

I have just seen this. Thanks. One thing I meant to ask is, is it possible to have the chord diagrams display the exact voicing on the notation?

You mean, can it automatically reflect whatever is shown in the tablature that that point? No, I’m afraid not.

Yes. If I had the notes FACE on the stave, it would show me an Fmajor7 chord either on the top four, middle four or bottom, four strings. That would be brilliant and save hours of time. I would not have thought that it would have been difficult for the chord diagram to reflect exactly what is going on? It’s on my Wishlist!

Imagination is easier than programming sometimes (especially programming involving graphics).
Things are harder than they seem, and even the easier things take time away from other things.

I’m not a programmer but I would have thought that relating the actual pitch of notes to the correct notes on the fretboard (providing it’s a possible chord voicing) would be possible. It would transform this aspect of the program. I can live in hope!

The problem with the guitar is that one set (or list) of notes can be realised in multiple ways. In other words, the function which translates from notes to fretboard is not injective.

From tabs to notes and chord diagrams would work, but even there the same shape can have different fingerings…

Guitar is complicated!

I realise this, and the above example acknowledges that there are three possible fingerings for the close voiced root position Fmaj7 chord. But it’s still reduced to three possibilities. For more extended chords the fingerings could well be reduced to one possibility. Would be a nice addition though.

Would be cool to have chord recognition first (based on a bar, highlighted notes etc). Once that’s in place, you are right, chord diagrams could be shortened to the matching ones.