Chord Display - gone in cubase 6?

It seems that in version 6, Cubase does not have chord display in piano roll view!! (like it used to have in older versions…)

That option was really nice for quick harmony detection and writing it down for other instrumentalists or yourself or to check harmonies of more tracks. Not that it cannot be done by hand, but one would really expect than newer version will have everything old have had plus more.

I hope I am mistaken and that somewhere that option exists and I didn’t find it.

Thanks in advance for any help

It is now in the additional “Status Line”(which, when open, is directly underneath the Info Line).
Use the button at the extreme top-left of the Editor window, to open/close Info Line, Status line/Controller Lanes, and Inspector.

Hi Vic…been a while…but your the only guy I know here who might have the answer to this, its a similiar problem, but one I have just dealt with for a few months, but now getting sick of not having this feature enabled, cos the life of me I have just been overlooking it.

Where is the option to re-enable the cursor line in the key editor, so whenever you are moving the start or end points of a midi part, that the cursor is shown all the way to the top of the timeline …this is driving me a bit bonkers…any help Vic? :smiley: Ive just said…later…got sick of not having it…went in to prefs …thrashed about like a man demented…& still cant bloody find the right combo to turn this back to the way it used to be.

As in your editing the start/end of a midi part…and the cursor line is stretched all the way to the timeline at the top to give you a guide! a bit flummoxed as to where the pref is!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure I really understand what you mean… is it…
a) the vertical line (that you are missing) that is normally colored blue?
If so, then that is the cursor for Step Input, and of course only appears while in Step Input mode. If you are already in Step Input mode, and yet still not seeing the vertical blue cursor, then it is simply off-screen, and you can scroll it with the L and R arrows on your computer keyboard.
b) Do you mean the Start and End boundaries of the MIDI Part (which also shows the Part Name)?
If so, then that is activated by the “Show Part Borders” button in the Editor’s extended Toolbar (the button looks like two “flags” facing one another). If you don’t see that button, then it is simply hidden from the toolbar, and can be activated by right-clicking in an empty space on the toolbar, and checkmarking “Multiple Part Controls”.

Maybe Preferences -> Editing -> Tools -> Cross Hair Cursor -> Enable?

BTW in the key editor you don’t move the start or end points of a midi part, you move notes. You meant a note in the key editor, or a part in the Project window, didn’t you? :bulb:


So long as “Show Part Borders” is active, you can indeed drag the start and end of the Part via the handles (names).
But the actual content doesn’t move that way.

Of course, you’re right, I missed that one! :blush: Thank you!


Thanks guys, no Vic it isnt step input…(but similiar, when I am editing a midi (Note) I used to have the cursor stretch to the top of the info line , so I could see exactly where the midi note was starting…I have enable everything in the status line, etc…and for the life of me (I cant remember which version 6 revision changed this for me) but its bloody annoying…

(I am aware of teh actual part border handles setting …but I should have been more specific…I am editing a midi note, and when i select it, I could see where exactly on the time grid the midi note started…a thin line used to appear, but now I cant for the life of me find the pref combination…I hope the havent removed this feature as it was invaluable when I was editing…A cursor appeared when I selected the front of a midi note (when it turned to the two little L/R arrows…and at the same time I had a cursor stretching all across the page from top to bottom as an aide in lining up the front on the timeline…

I am demented not finding this out!!.. :laughing:

Ah! Forgive me… sometimes it takes me three weeks to wake up in the morning! :stuck_out_tongue:
(Cubase 6.0.5) Preferences>Editing>Tools>Cross Hair Cursor (and maybe you also want “Select Tool: Show Extra Info”)

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: its took me about 6 weeks to find that bloody box, I just kept overlooking while hunting in the prefs with big rackety boots on!!

Bravo Vic…I soon as I read your post, :bulb: boom…many many thanks…but can we please ask steinberg whys its a bloody CROSShair cursor, as there is no cross any where yo be seen…maybe retag it something like CursorAlign…or something more relevant!!! :laughing:

Thanks Vic, beers are on me…(He says while realising he cant find the Beer Smiley!!..where’s it went! . :laughing:

thank you!!!