Chord editor in Engrave Mode

Is there a way to have changes made in chord editor reflect on other instances of the same chords?

Of course!

Engravings Options > Chord Symbols. Right at the bottom, you can open the override library. Chords whose appearance have been overridden manually will appear in the bottom list, and they can be “promoted” to a project-wide default by bumping them up to the top list.

Ahaa…! Cool, thank you!

Bumping this one… I am having a hard time figuring the chord editor out. Trial and error makes Dorico crash for me quite a bit in this area . For example: What are all of these (the “sevens”)? Nothing seems to happen when clicking on them.

You added them at some point. Delete all of them (using the little trash icon at the top right corner of each) and just leave one.

Sorry about double post…!
Yes, they seem to stick program wide, not only per project.
I’m confused…! Any recommendations of threads/videos dealing with this?

Have you watched this? How to Use the Chord Symbol Appearance Editor | New Features in Dorico 1.1 - YouTube

Thanks, yes, have seen. Lots of useful stuff there as usual, but there are still a few question marks about the design aspects… For example, it’s great to be able to tweak individual chords, and to give any given edit default status in the project at hand (so that all, say, Fm7’s look the same), but for me, it’d be way more useful to have easier ways of setting up custom defaults that can be used in other projects. It’s possible to a certain extent through engraving options, but let’s say one would like to use a font in which the kerning doesn’t look great all over.
In Petaluma for example, the “7” always seem to collide a little with the “m” in any minor seventh chord, be it Cm7, Dbm7, etc… I would like a setting where I’m able to nudge/resize the - for example - seventh a little bit to my liking, and then having that nudge be effective in all variations of minor seventh chords.

This may not be super clear, perhaps I’ll have to return later with a more well formulated question/problem… :sunglasses: