Chord Editor missing Chord Assistant Tab

Just installed the Nu6 trial on my girlfriend’s laptop.
After messing with the mixer for several hours
I decided to check out the chord track features.

No problems setting it up and adding chords but…
When I double click a chord event the chord editor opens up,
but there are no tabs at the top where the chord assistant tab should be.

Is this only included with Nek or something?
I have Nek on my main Studio Daw, but not on this laptop.
The manual doesn’t say anything about this being a Nek only feature,



OK, since I have the Nuendo 5.5 and Nek 5.5 license on my dongle it can’t be the nek thing…
This is happening in both the 32bit and 64 bit versions.

No chord assistant tab on the chord editor.
Anyone listening?

I know most Nuendo users won’t be using this chord assistant thing.
Wish I could post in the Cubase forums but oh well.

Still wondering why there are no tabs at the top of the chord editor panel?
You know, like it has in the manual.

Nuendo Trial = Chord Assistant doesn’t exist.
Is there anybody at Steinberg listening?
Isn’t this supposed to be one of the new big features?

Win 7 64bit

This is getting old.

I have the exact same problem!