Chord Editor notes

Noob learning the Chord Editor. I gave it a sequence of chords as seen in this screenshot. F-minor, G-diminished, Ab-Major and Bb-minor (these are just the first four triads in the F-minor scale). In the first three everything looked as I expected and all were arranged in their root position. But the Bb-minor chord is weird: all the notes are there but it’s not in root position nor in the standard first or second inversions (it chose some kind of a drop-inversion like it thinks we’re Wes Montgomery or somebody). Why does it make this selection and how do I get it to default to a standard root-position triad? (BTW, I tried piano and guitar voicings but that didn’t help)

Thanks in advance.


You can change the Voicing in the Voicing drop-down menu of the Info Line, as we can see on the 2nd screenshot.

The reason, why Cubase has decided to use this voicing is, Cubase tries to make the progression “human”, so it tries to find the “shortest way”, how to play the progression, the same way, what would the human player do, if he wouldn’t have any specific reason to make different voicing.

As you can see on the 2nd screenshot, the selected Voicing says “Drop 2”, this is the reason, why does the chord look “emptier”.

Thanks Martin. I know what dropped inversions etc, are. My question was based on the fact that the previous three chords it produced were all simple root-position triads but the fourth chord was an esoteric type of chord. (First Inversion, drop 2) So I want to know if there’s any way to influence, control, constrain or predict the kind of chords Cubase generates automatically like it did here? For example is there any way to just say, “only make root-position triads”?

The Inspector has a “Set Up Voicing” button but it doesn’t seem to have any options. That’s where I expected to find a way to control the automatic voicing choices.


Disable the Adaptive Voicing option of the Chord Track, please.

It is disabled in the Inspector, as shown on the screenshot. Is there some other place to set that on the Track itself?