Chord engraving options with slash and bass note

When I go to engraving options and select the “edit” function for chord symbols at the bottom, I can change the appearance of a chord like “Fmi(ma7)”, selecting the individual elements and changing their appearance. However, when I enter the chord “Fmi(ma7)/Ab” the alterations to appearance to not hold. OK, that’s fine. But when I then go back and try to edit the chord “Fmi(ma7)/Ab” I cannot select any individual element. Anything I click in the edit window selects the whole chord symbol. Is this normal behavior?

It is, yes, for a boring technical reason to do with the way the chord symbol’s appearance is cooked up when you have an altered bass note (or indeed when you have a polychord). It’s something we’d like to change, but it’s complicated.

Ok, thank you. Then I assume there is no way to change the appearance of any chord above a slash, beyond the global settings.

You can edit such chord symbols individually in Engrave mode: the altered bass note, slash, and main chord symbol should appear as separate elements that you can edit individually by double-clicking them in the editor itself.