Chord entry: Missing slash line between chord and root note ex: G/B

Hello. I just got Dorico 4.0 Elements. When entering chords names with a specific root note the slash is not appearing on the score.
I input ‘G/B’ but it’s showing ‘G B’ with no slash line.
Elements 3.5 did this automatically so I’m not sure if I’m missing something.
Update It seems my chord names are not displaying sharps or flats either. I input ‘Db’ and all i get is ‘D’.
I’m pouring through the Tome that is Dorico Operation Manual- hoping to learn something but any illumination would help greatly. Many thanks

Have you restarted your computer since installing?

This certainly sounds like the familiar Windows font cache issue. Please restart your computer: you should find thereafter that everything looks as it should.

Thank you both. It’s funny but after a few minutes that occurred to me. Guess what- it worked! All seems well now. This forum is a tremendous aid to those who need it. Thanks again.