Chord entry question

Hello, I have been working with groups of notes - chords - and sometimes add an additional note or accidental, making the effect sometimes more interesting.
Looking at the videos which deal with chord entry, especially the latest ones, where a chord symbol (?) at the top of a stave enables Dorico to add extra notes etc - very interesting.

So can I ask a question or two , to discover what the options are:
If I put a note in the top stave, and perhaps a note in the bass part, can I ask Dorico what the chord might be ? This could be a nonsense, as there are many possibilities, but is it not an option ?

If write a chord symbol, such as Cm11, can Dorico provide me with the other notes than the given note by me (eg a C in the stave - anywhere ?)

Does Dorico suggest chord symbols at all , or do I have to go back to my harmony books etc. ?

Sorry if these questions seem rather obvious, but it would be nice to know just how much I can make use of these special options.

Dorico can suggest chord symbols using the Generate Chord Symbols from Selection option, but in most cases you are probably better off going back to your harmony books, LOL!

In the below gif, Eb/D isn’t wrong, but I’d venture 99% of the time that’s not going to be the correct answer as this is simply an inversion of Ebmaj7. (Or a rootless Cm9, F13sus, etc.)

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Hi, how did you create a video like this?
One acts from the inside of Doric, I presume, but how??
Thank you… :slight_smile:

I used a little freeware program called ScreenToGif, but there are plenty of other options out there too.

And does it work with macOS?

I don’t think it can be used on Mac…

OK thanks … :slight_smile:

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I used to use the free Licecap for this (both Windows and macOS):

But these days I use CleanShot X for all of my screenshot and GIF needs: