Chord Extension Font Size

I’m trying to figure out how to change the size of the chord extensions in my chord symbols. I can change the size of the root and chord quality by changing Chord Symbols Font and Chord Symbols Music Text Font via the Engrave menu, but I can’t seem to get the extension (7 in most cases) to enlarge without the visual appearance editor. What am I missing?

Thanks everyone!


Take a look at the Design section of the Chord Symbols page of Engraving Options, near the bottom of the page: in there you can change the scale factor for subscript and superscript extensions. That’s probably the value you need to edit.

Thank you as always, Daniel. I Just haven’t had the time to dig into things the way I really want to, and I appreciate you always being here to help us sort it out.

No problem! Once the documentation is more comprehensive I hope you’ll quickly be able to find the answers to these kinds of questions there.

One more issue to figure out. Is there a way to change the size of the Chord Quality symbols? Particularly, the minus sign (minor) is very long. Thank you in advance!

I will probably reduce the width of the minus-looking sign in Bravura in due course, as it may well be too wide (it is typographically the right size because it’s the same width as the plus sign, but I’ve had some feedback from other users that it is too wide). To change the default appearance of the minus sign for every chord symbol:

  1. From the bottom of the Chord Symbols page of Engraving Options, click Edit to open the Project Default Chord Symbol Appearance dialog.
  2. Enter any minor chord into the ‘Enter a chord symbol’ box at the top left, e.g. “Cm”, and click the plus button.
  3. Select the chord symbol you added from the list on the left, then select the component that corresponds to the minor quality in the editor on the right.
  4. In the component grid below the main editor, select the minus sign that’s currently too wide, and click the pencil icon (not the plus icon) below the grid to edit it.
  5. In the dialog that opens, delete the existing minus sign component by clicking Delete Component.
  6. Click the Text button on the right-hand side.
  7. Choose ‘font.chordsymbols’ from the ‘Style’ menu.
  8. In the big ‘Enter text here’ box, type the minus character, then click ‘Add Text’.
  9. OK this dialog, then in the Project Default Chord Symbol Appearance dialog, click Apply.

If you reopen the Project Default Chord Symbol Appearance dialog, you can also delete the ‘Cm’ chord symbol (or whatever you added) from the left-hand list.

The process you have followed with these steps is to edit the default minus component that Dorico uses for the minor chord quality, so any further minor chords you create that use the minus appearance should now use your edited component.

As always, thank you very much Daniel. You’re the best.