Chord from note.

Seems like a simple thing to me. I need an incoming midi note to trigger a chord (think edrums in a live situation) I’ve looked at the chord track but that seems to be aimed at the click and point style of writing.

There is a MIDI insert that turns notes into chords. I think it is called Chorder. Also, Chord Pads, I believe, can be triggered by MIDI notes.

Thanks, I don’t recall seeing it but I’ll have a look tomorrow.

The Chord Pads may be a Cubase 8 thing. Not sure…

Elements 7 - nothing save for octaver. Bit of a shame, looks like I’ll add another instance of Kontakt and transpose.

Elements doesn’t have the midi plugins IIRC, that’s a shame.

If Elements supports MIDI plug-ins at all then you might find some options at KVR Audio[]=79#results

Thanks raino.

After my previous post I downloaded one of the midi plugs from KVR. But I can’t figure out where to put the dll so Cubase finds it. I searched and can’t find where any of the midi plugs that come with Cubase are located, unlike the audio plugs. For example there doesn’t seem to be a file “Arpache 5.dll” anywhere. I tried putting the file in the same directory as my 3rd party audio plug-ins thinking maybe it would find it and the file itself would tell it what type of plug-in it was. But it didn’t show up as either a midi or or audio plug-in.

If anyone knows how to add 3rd party midi plug-ins to Cubase I’d love to know, since several of the ones I found at KVR look like they’d be interesting to play with.

I’ll do you a swap then! I downloaded chordworX, un RARed and dropped the 3 dll files into c:vstplugins. It doesn’t matter where you put them as long as you point cubase toward them. So in the drop down ‘plugin devices’ there is a tab to create a path to the files.
So, I have this installed and it comes up as an instrument. What I can’t figure out is how to route to it.

Just to add, How do I route the kontakt instrument to the chordworX instrument. I don’t find any options so I assume I’ll have to set up some sort of bus?

The new C8 plug-in manager was hiding it from me. It did show up as an instrument, but it wasn’t displayed in the VSTi list until I put it there with the manager.

Regarding routing check the available midi inputs on your Kontakt channel. For me the plug-in shows as an input source there. However I can’t seem to get any actual midi data to come out of it. Suspect that is more not knowing how to use what turns out to be a non-intuitive interface on the plug. I need to download another and try it.

You don’t want to send your kontakt instrument to the chorder, you would send the chorder to the kontakt. Then your midi input/track to the chorder.

Those plugs have an input and an output like an arpeggiator.

Most instruments just have an input.