Chord helper for writing songs

Nice: Something like a quint circle or chord tabs with all cord relations to choose the best matching next chord :blush:.

Nicer: if this feature would be context sensitive: I play a chord at the keyboard and see the possible next cords :sunglasses:

Thank you for this great software❤️

Hi @olloollo,

Thank you very much for your kind feedback and future suggestion.

While Cubasis does not offer such a feature as of yet, you may check out the available 3rd party AU MIDI plug-ins available on iOS, which can be easily used within Cubasis.

To learn more about the AU MIDI FX option, you may check out the How To Use AUv3 MIDI Effects in Cubasis 3 tutorial provided by the great folks from MobileMusicPro.

Hope that helps!

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& enjoy being creative,

I’d take just a Chord Track like in Cubase senior…

A little late to the party but maybe others will benefit from this answer so: look into ‘Scaler 2’ in the appstore. Runs in Cubasis like a charm.

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Hi, thank you for your answer. Unfortunately, I can’t find any app with the name ‘Scaler 2’ :cry:.
Can you help me?

If you are on iOS, here is a link to the App Store :slightly_smiling_face: