Chord Input via MIDI

Hi everybody,
do you still work in Corona-times?
If so, stay healthy…

Is the above mentioned prob meanwhile solved? (Dorico 2 / 3 ignore MIDI-Input after entering a few chords this way…)



Sorry, Peter, but if you’re referring to a problem you’ve had previously it would be better to post a further message in the existing thread rather than starting a new one.

Are you referring to the problem whereby some users find that inputting notes via step-time using a MIDI keyboard stops working after a while, and it’s required to restart Dorico to restore note input? If so, that problem is indeed fixed in the current version of Dorico 3.

Or are you referring to something else?

After thinking a minute over your post - you’re right.

But - on the other hand - I feel like being under a shower and can’t stop it.

It takes a l o t of time to find previous threads in this forum…

And: my problem is chord input - not note input (that works fine!!)
Stay healthy in CORONA-times.
Yours Peter

Are you referring to the problem you had in this thread? If so, it took me about 15 seconds to find it - I clicked on your username and then clicked Search User’s Posts and then scrolled down. Thankfully you have fewer posts than I do :wink: