Chord Kerning Conundrum

I was tinkering with chord symbol options, and somehow stumbled into some kerning that I’m really happy with, although I don’t know how it happened. There are NO edited project default appearances in the file.

When I start a new project, the kerning is not ideal. While I am able to transfer the “chord symbol kerning pairs” into the new project via the library manager, I’d really like to know how I got to where I am in the first project. I can’t find any information in the documentation or forum about editing the kerning pairs, and yet, it seems to have happened. Can someone tell me how to do it?

There’s no editor for chord symbol kerning pairs as yet (though it is something we are working on). I’m not sure how you have been able to edit the pairs in the application directly, but it would be possible to edit them if you edit the data files that come with the application externally.

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