Chord midi entry


Is it possible to have for the midi input
F, A, D Dm/F and at the same time
G, B, F G7.
I hope this is clear.
When I select always take into account the ommissions, it unchecks the option to ommit the fifth in the sevenths chord

No, if those two options are mutually-exclusive as shown in the dialog, they cannot both be selected at the same time.

Thank you Daniel,

then is there a solution?

No, not that I am aware of.

If you don’t mind changing the order in which you hit the keyboard, I think it can be done using this entry method.
Set Note Input Options > Chord Symbols > Omissions : Ignore in all chords.
Then using a MIDI keyboard, first play the root (D) with one finger, and then play the remaining notes (F, A) of the chord while still holding down the root(D) , and you’ll get the chord symbol Dm/F.

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This is exactly what I wanted thank you.
I understand why he was grading F6 but I wanted to make it clear that I wanted Dm/F and now I do.
Congratulations on this fantastic tip.
If you agree I will talk about it in a video on this topic.
I will not forget to thank you but in what name?
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I am more than happy. :smiley:

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Watch the rest of the thread.
It would be good to include it in the instructions

As in this?
Chord Symbol Inversions

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