Chord names not showing in chord track

Hi every one
This is my first post in this forum. I guess i am joining cubase users community. I was a long time SONAR user. But recently I decided to move to cubase. I have cubase AI 9 version and first I want to learn this simple version and then move to Pro version. So far every thing is great but there is only one problem. The chord track is not showing the chord name that I insert. Even the blank chord event does not show “X” on itself. Can you help me On this issue ?.In other words Chord track works as expected but does not show text on chord event.

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Hi and welcome,

Does it look like an empty event? Could you add a screenshot, please?

What Chord Font do you use (Preferences > Event Display > Chord and Pitches). The default one is Steinberg Chords Sans Serif. Id the font installed properly?

Yes it exactly looks like an empty event but the chords sound correct just does not show the name. How can I check for font installation? Actually I went to the cubase menu and change the font to one of the others but nothing happened. I do believe its a font issue but how can I resolve this. Here is a link to the screenshot:

The First four chords are C - F - G - C and the last two are empty.

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This looks really wired. How did you manage to make the events so long?

Could you try in Safe Start Mode?

For an Unknown reason the Steinberg Fonts hadn’t been installed. I installed them manually and the problem was solved.