Chord not visible

I have a strange problem.
In a score I have a piano stave with chords.
On the first count in the first bar is a Dm7/Bb. Great, looks good.
If I change the Chord in Dm/Bb, only the bassnote is visible. (As in the third bar)
It doesn’t matter if I am in write, engrave or print mode, it happened everywhere.
The same happens in the piano part.
Does anyone have an idea what is going on here?

Groet, Marien

This is a global setting. See Engrave > Engraving Options > Chord Symbols > Altered Bass Notes.

You can also handle it on a local basis; see Hiding/Showing the root and quality of chord symbols

hi Pianoleo,

It works! Thank you.

Groet, Marien