Chord notes jutting out on a separate stem

Hello! I’m trying to notate a fairly simple chord, but it comes out looking like this:
Dorico chord

Can anyone advise how to get the chord all in one stem/column, please?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Speaight and welcome to the Forum!

Select the B and choose following property (override= blue switch checked, and checkbox unchecked):

You can also change the order of the accidentals changing the Accidental column:

If you use this appearance often, you can change this globally in the Notation Options for the desired Flow/s:

Here the manual site:

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Welcome to the forum @Speaight !

If you want to recreate Derrek’s example, see here for information on respelling notes (to respell the Bb as an A#)

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As a player I would much prefer to see this, especially if sight reading. OP’s original desired intent would look to me like a mistake at least at first. But if OP prefers that, I actually think the way Dorico stems it outward helps make it more clear!

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Thank you all very much for your replies! I’ve managed to get it all lined up now :slight_smile:

I agree the extra stem makes it clearer; however, in this case I need to fit a lot of chords into one line so the less horizontal space they take up the better. I’d also prefer to keep it as B+Bb for harmonic reasons, and fortunately the pianist who will be performing it is happy with this, but it’s still useful to know about respelling notes for future occasions!

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