Chord Pad B#

Does anyone have the same issue when dragging chords into tracks I get obscure Chords name in the track
B# when is should read C, am I missing something, just though I ask.


Embarrassment should read a bit of music theory before I post

Why are you embarrassed? Yeah its not wrong, but all other versions its displayed as a C.

Is there a way to change this bug?

This is a known issue and has been posted about in the Issues section and in a number of posts in General as well. It also effects the Chord Assistant.
Fortunately, the actual notes are correct in the chords. I’ve found that regardless of the Preference settings for enharmonics, the displays are still incorrect. B# and other similar problems appear throughout the program. We all hope it is corrected soon. I’m still hoping for full implementation of Flat Keys and Sharp Keys, flat notes and sharp notes. Things have improved since version 8, but this B# problem appeared with the last maintenance release.

It can get a little confusing, it’s a bug that has minor impact :slight_smile: