Chord Pad corner pop-ups

How do I turn this off?


Do you mean the grey small panel to open the Chord Pad, but Inspector (on the left side), Racks (right side), and Info View, Overview Line on top?

Unfortunately it’s not possible to disable these panels.

I thought so. Problem is that once they pop up by just hovering over a corner it takes an additional click to get rid of them-because they block other useful functions (for me, zoom on the bottom right). Unnecessary actions added to the workflow and “features” added that I have to learn to avoid are not helpful. This should be something that can be turned off.

Others have long time been asking for an option to open/ close the media bay/ rack on the right side of the screen (in stead of using the visibility agent on top left of the screen)… I think your suggestion is pretty good… did you check if it was posted as a feature request?



These things seem to crop up all over my daw, lol

I would love to remove them, but I will admit sometimes I find it useful. Especially the control room meter.

Yes, I can see how they are useful. But for those of us who have dual monitors and already use key commands for accessing these short cuts, there is no need. The fact that the tabs are getting in the way of workflow is the problem. Giving this feature a visibility pref menu (show, hide, position, magnify, etc.) like the Mac Doc would help.

I agree with the option to remove or have.

I also use dual monitor stacked so I get the issue. Like I meant to say, we should have the option to control which of the panels pop up, I have no use for some.

Exactly! +1000! I’m actually getting tired of Cubase “adding features” without giving users the option of turning them on or off. I absolutely HATE the new truncated naming system in the mixer for example, which instead of it being an option, is being forced on all users.

Why not give users options instead of forcing features / changes?