Chord Pad in C13: not every key hit triggers chord/ just like 1 out of 4


I can not play the same chord via one key on my midi keyboard in a 8th or 16th fashion because after hitting my key it always needs to take the same amount of (long) time before the chord will retrigger.
e.g.: hitting my c1 key 4 times after one another just results in 1 chord triggering.
whats wrong?

Further I have no option in the studio setup to configure the chord pad.
mine looks like:

does this have something to do with my triggering problems?


Anyone any ideas?
Would be really nice to be able to play chords via the chordpad not just on every 1/4 note or so.


Chord Pads are not set up in the Studio Setup. Open Chord Pads in the Lower zone and click on Chord Pads Remote Settings button there, please.