Chord pad issue

having a problem with chord pad, when i trigger a chord pad using my midi controller the trigger note is also being included with the chord but when i click on the pad with my mouse it doesn’t include it is there an option not to include trigger note when using my midi controller

Something around midi through maybe?

Did you try this? (Suggest you put version/system info in your “signature” line on the forum profile to others answer questions).

In the Inspector for the instrument track, open the Input Routing pop-up menu, and select Chord Pads.

Thank you! Stephen57

I’m new here, and i’ve already found my answer. Thank you Stephen 57.
Thank’s for the forum.

Hi and welcome to the forum. I’ve learned so much from reading and posting on the forums (mostly reading). When you have time, add some information to the “signature” part of your profile so others will know what version and instruments you work with.

Good luck. Chord pads are interesting to work with.