Chord Pad issues

Two egregious problems I have found with the Chord Pads:

  1. The sustain pedal does not work.
  2. In latch mode, and setting overlaps to “stop note”, consecutive repetitions of the same chord pad should, as-per-description in the user manual re-trigger the same chord. Instead it acts as a gate on/off switch, where every other pad press turns the chord off.

Are there any plans to fix this?

Also wondering about this.

As far as playing piano is concerned, it makes no sense at all to play chords without the sustain option. I’m pretty sure that this worked in Cubase Pro 8!

My workaround for the sustain pedal not being passed through is to use two MIDI tracks, one for the actual chord pads and one just for the sustain pedal signal.

  1. Configure chord pads to use the output mode where explicit input routing is required (i.e. deactivate the mode icon, number 1 in the diagram shown here)
  2. Set up two MIDI tracks that both use your desired VST instrument (e.g. piano) as the MIDI output.
  3. For the first MIDI track, configure “Chord Pads” as the MIDI input.
  4. For the second MIDI track,
    • configure your MIDI keyboard (to which your sustain pedal is attached) as the MIDI input.
    • add “Transformer” as a MIDI insert and add a filter “Type Is” “Equal” “Note” with output function “Delete” (bottom middle).
  5. Record/monitor both tracks simultaneously.

Bonus: Group the two tracks in a folder for more convenient editing.

It’s workable, but truth be told, it’s cumbersome and really shouldn’t be necessary.

Sad to report that this still persists with Cubase 13.