Chord Pad NOT Working in C10pro?


i just realized that Chord Pad seems not working properly on cubase 10 pro.

I’ve created a simple test project wiht just one piano track and try, before with CubasePro 9.5 and everything works.
Opening the same project with CubasePro10 and the pads doesn’t respond to any key on my MIDI keyboard. Yes, the Chord Pad output mode is enable (white), but nothing happens. Again, same project opened on 9.5 works properly, on the same DAW!

Please give me some help, i know is just a simple thing that i’m missing!! :slight_smile:


if its any help : it works fine here… cb10 win7

If you want others to help you, you should give more details…
does it work with the mouse?

example problem report:

]system info
[]cubase version
]detailed description of problem
[]what you have tried so far
]screenshots, videos
[]additional info

I would suggest that you :
]check if keyboard is mapped correctly
[]use another instrument to test
]load up a new project and change the chord pads preset
[*]if all else fails, trash your preferences

[*]-> a video might be helpful if you have screen recording stuff

good luck=)

  1. Check whether there is a MIDI-Input attached to the chord-pads under Studio-settings - chord pads
  2. Check whether MIDI Thru is checked under General settings - record - midi
  3. Check that notes are NOT filtered under General settings - MIDI - MIDI filter
  4. Check that Chord Pad Mode is set to “On” (little symbol in the lower zone is lit)
  5. Check that the track you want to use the chord pads on is selected, record enabled or in monitor mode

That are the possible causes that I can think of right now…
Maybe you watn to try them?


Many thanks for your post it really helped me