Chord Pad options (lower zone)

Many thoughts and ideas on the (more) recent Chord Pads in lower zone. Very, very handy and tidy I really love this new area for when inputting new midi into my project. Already I’ve used the new Chord Pads in some projects and when setup with good chords can make the player feel like a musical god.

Option to change default Octave for the chords playback. (eg +/- octaves Key location)
After loading preset Chord layouts I’m not sure if I can transpose all chords to another Key?

It would be really cool if there was a simple pattern designer here. One button changes step length up to 32 and it plays any selected steps.
All this stuff can be done in Midi Inserts already but I find when adding new midi this way it’s a great way to do it because it’s easier to record and always will playback properly after recorded.
Many other benefits which things like Arps or midi insert type effects are added here because they aren’t track related. It’s related to the input method ie “Player” tab. Having several other setups clearly is a good tool to have access to for working with midi. ’
Yet another great feature about this new LowerZone concept is that no extra enabling monitor is required or setting up extra dummy busses. It’s just right into this Input and into the track, and it’s “off” when you don’t have the tab open.

Using an Arpeggiator in this manner would be amazing (as well as other midi plugins), added to the mix of things would be incredible. Either use it with the Chord Pads or without them.