Chord Pad output mode issue

Chord Pad output mode issue - Found on cubase 11 pro 11.0.10

When set to off, the output is supposed to send exclusively to monitored or record enabled tracks where the input routing is set to chord pad.
But the chords will fire to a midi track that has the input set to my midi keyboard anyways. (monitored or record enabled)

Does this work for you ?


It works as specified here on my side. If I switch the ChordPad Output Mode off, the MIDI data is not sent over to the Record Enabled MIDI/Instrument track.

Could you try in the Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?


Im having no success here.
I started up an empty project in safe mode.
I created 2 instrument tracks and one chord pad. (Halion and Groove Agent)
While toggling chord pad output mode on and off it just made no difference whether I would choose the instrument input to my keyboard, chord pad or not connected at all. Both tracks are being played all the time if there is record or monitor enabled.
Weird thing.