Chord Pad Patterns, initial rests not working? (Bug or Operator Error?)


Trying to get into Chord Pad Patterns and ran into this.

  1. Create Instrument Track (E. Piano)
  2. Create Part (4/4, 100 bpm) of eighth notes on upbeats only, one measure.
  3. Chord Pads: Click Show/Hide Settings (e)
  4. Select “Patterns” and drag the one measure loop to the box to “drop midi pattern.”

The Pattern Drop seems to work, but the rhythmic playback results aren’t correct. The rests seem to be randomly omitted. A measure will play correctly, then several play on down beats, then an upbeat measure appears. :confused:

The pitches are correct but the simple rhythmic pattern is incorrect, the rests are omitted in some measure and observed (played) in others.

Is this a bug; am I doing something wrong? Both?

Trying to follow instructions given here:

Thanks for any help on this.