Chord Pad Patterns, patterns with initial rest do not play correctly.

It seems that Chord Pad Patterns can’t correctly interpret patterns that have an initial rest.

  1. Create Empty Project (120 bpm, 4/4 time signature)
  2. Add Instrument Track (HSSE 03, E. Piano and other instruments tested)
  3. Add Second Instrument Track to use the pattern with (same instrument in example)
  4. Create Pattern with chords on every other 8th note. (upbeats only)
  5. Drag the one measure Pattern to Chord Pads Patterns box
  6. Pattern seems to be accepted, but playback is incorrect.

Result: Cubase omits the rests on first measure, but observes the rests on the second measure. The observing or omitting of the rests is randomly correct and incorrect. In the screen shot the first measure plays the chords on the down beats (rests not observed), in the second measure, the rests are observed (played), however, there’s no consistency to rests being observed (played) or omitted.