Chord Pad Patterns

Re: chord pad patterns.

I’m able to load MIDI loops into my Chord Pads (stock loop loaded in example) – no issue with that, love it, great feature.

However, under Patterns my Cubase (Pro 9.0.40) says “No Presets.” Am I, perhaps, missing some factory patterns here? If not, could someone briefly explain this function. Thanks.


I can see some orders here on my system. Is your Cubase installed at system C drive?

Yes, it’s on my main drive “C Drive.” Am I missing Factory Presets for the Patterns?

It seems so.

Perhaps I can copy them from a previous installation. I have all my old versions going back to Pro 8? Where do this set of presets “live?” I’ve looked, but I can’t seem to locate them.


I would guess it’s in the Preferences/Presets folder, but I can’t find a specific file.

Have you tries to trash Cubase preferences, please?
Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 11.06.51.png


Thanks very much for the screenshot on this. My “Patterns Box” has no presets at all. :frowning:

When I select Patterns, Cubase plays a strange arpeggio pattern with a repeating note top note. I’ll try a start without the preferences. I can reset Preferences, but I’d first like to try a file copy if possible.

  1. If I rename the current files (assuming I find them) to something like “file.old” and then restart Cubase will it create new versions?

  2. Should I try to rename and and then copy in files from an older version?

I don’t understand what the difference is between a dropped loop and a “Pattern?” The OM’s not helping much on this.

If I drop a loop it plays fine (for the most part), if I click “save pattern” is that loop then saved as a new pattern? I’ll mess around with it further.

Thanks Martin.

  1. Yes. File. XML.old is OK. Yes, it should make a new version.

  2. If 1 won’t happen, then yes.

Thanks very much for the help on this. I’ll try these various corrections over this weekend. Most appreciated.