Chord Pad Plays Instruments on Other Tracks/MIDI Channels


I find that when I try to use Chord Pad to play a piano on its own track/intrument- in addition to the channel I am using it on, it plays a Kontakt player I have on a separate channel and Midi track. I use Jamstix to trigger drums in a Kontakt player (which I dedicate to drums only). For this to happen I have to have the monitoring button on the Kontakt player swicthed on so that Jamstix can trigger it. I am trying to use Chord Pad on a separate track/instrument/Midi channel, but it is playing the Kontakt player with the drums aswell. Please can this be sorted out in the next update as this function is the reason I bought Cubase 8 in the first place.


sounds very much like a PICNIC trouble - Operation Manual Page 845 (pay particular attention to) :

“The triggered chords are recorded on the track. The note events are automatically
assigned to different MIDI channels according to their pitches. Note events that
correspond to the soprano voice are assigned to MIDI channel 1, alto is assigned
to MIDI channel 2, and so on.”

could account for triggering “other channels” ?
work around might be set all other midi tracks/chans to “no input”

Hi Mate,

Page 845 of which manual, the Cubase one? Mine only has 116 page, and even then thats because it comes in different languages.
I can’t set the other channels to No Midi Input- I have to set Jamstix as the MIDI input of Kontakt Drums for them to be triggered, otherwise the drums won’t play. Its definitely a bug because the MIDI in of Kontakt drums is set to Jamstix Midi out (ie not all MIDI) yet it is still being played by the chord pad on a different channel.

in that case i would have to agree with you. im also having problems with my surface controllers which use midi. hopefully will be addressed in an upcoming update.


I found the solution to this problem. It was somewhat easy to miss, but since Cubase 8.0.2, it is possible to set the player type in the “Chords” inspector of MIDI and instruments tracks to “No player”, such that they will not be triggered by chord pads even if input monitoring is enabled.