Chord Pad Problems

I’m having problems with the Chord Pads feature.

I’m running Cubase Pro 9.0.20 on a Surface 3 touchscreen tablet. I thought that when the Chord Pads were visible on the screen I would be able to touch them and have the chord play. But all that happens is that the controls for that pad become visible. Is this how it’s supposed to work?

Also, I never see the Voicing Indicators (little white vertical bars) that the manual says are supposed to be visible at the bottom of each pad. This makes me wonder if I may somehow have the Chord Pads in an editing mode instead of a play mode. But I have not been able to discover any such setting.

Dear mtrigebof,
I found out the reason of Voicing Indicators not displayed / not showing.
The horizontal resolution must be high enough otherwise the Voicing Indicators (litle white stripes are hidden).
You can help to hide or decrease the size of Media Bay.
If the resolution of the Chord Pads part is wide enough, Voicing Indicators appears instantly (no restart or anything else is required).

Hi mtrigoboff.

Like djmagi said the window has to be wide enough so for ex. in my screen if I have the left and right zone opened the sings won’t be shown - if I close the the reapear. But you also have to check in your functions drop down the highest one that says: show voicing indicators like this: Picture Red Arrow.
To be honest I have no idea how cubase works on a tablet but on my laptop you have to assign an instrument to make the pads work. So if you open these and you have an vst-i load into your project
you have to make sure that the track is highlighted if you use the monitor mode. Also you will have to activate the monitor button which is in the chord pad window on the top left, like this: Picture Green Arrow.

I hope this helps!