Chord Pad-tabs are Missing

If I look at the tutorial with Greg Ondo about “How to get the most out of the chord pads in Cubase” he has several tabs to manage the Players, Pad Layout and also Remote Control-ing them.
These are all missing.
I can get to the feature in Cubase and Studio Setup but it is a really annoying workflow to get to and to change things instead of the more quick way that Greg does.

One answer to fix thix (maybe) when I google the issue was to try to remove and recreate the pref-file for cubase but that didn’t work.

Hi and welcome on the forum,

Do you use Cubase Pro, please? Some features are in the Pro edition only.

Yes. Cubase Pro 10.5.20, May 5, 2020 update


Right-click on the panel, where the tabs are. Can you enable the missing option(s)?

No… This is the only thing that appears as a toolbar-menu…
The Same menu appear also when I right click within the editor but for Greg he had a lot of different menu-choices (like when he wanted to create a chord track… I can ctrl-click for a bigger menu for functions and such things but it is still a bit more less than what appeared for him


Could you attach a screenshot with your expected screen, please?

The left is a montage of what Greg had (including the right-click-menu in the editor
(down bottom what is happening when I right click)
And the right is what I get (plus the solution as mentioning below)

OK, My mistake… I clicked the little cog (which I thought I already did or else I thought about something else.
I was googling and found also the same layout and version within 10.5 as Greg had on a Steinberg page which explained the procedure that was also why I thought something was off.

The ordinary manual/PDF (which I never read about this (no-problem) said also the correct way about the cog-setting.

Also the CTRL+Click had the menus (a bit more compressed but still)

Thanks anyway.


On the left side, this is an older Cubase version. Now you have to open the settings. Also the right-click menu options were reduced.