Chord Pad/Track issues and frustrations in 9.5

First of all let me say that I am a huge fan of both the Chord Track and Chord Pads (especially when used together). They allow me to experiment and create things that (because of my lack of keyboard and theoretical skill) would be impossible for me to do otherwise. Thank you Steinberg for helping me to create music well above my means.

Still (and I’ve commented on one of these issues previously) there are a few things which for my simple and particular workflow, are very frustrating and require what I see as needless and time consuming workarounds:

  1. When recording the Chord Pads to the Chord Track in CB Pro 9.5 (using either a midi keyboard or clicking on the Chords Pads with a mouse as a song is playing) the Chord Track is unable to record the same chord more than once in succession. As an example, playing Chord Pads C F F G7 results in only C F-----G7 being recorded. Where’s the other F? This behavior has been verified by other forum members (and workarounds were kindly suggested). Still not fixed or addressed in 9.5. Surely I’m not the only person playing the same chord more than once in a rhythmic sequence of chords? If the chord track can record A—B---C surely it should be able to record A—B-B—C (or any other combination). No?

  2. Both the velocity and voicing of the Chord Pads (when being played by a midi keyboard) are not recorded on the Chord Track. Needless to say, depending on the virtual/midi instrument being used (piano in the simplest instance) and in combination with the previously mentioned issue, this results in a completely different sounding recording. Yes, there are numerous workarounds . . . but none of which allow the continued and near effortless experimentation and workflow that would be possible if the Chord Track would just accurately record what is being played on the Chord Pads.

  3. Maybe it’s just me and this all works for everyone else :wink:

Thank you.


Both of them are specified like this.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for getting back to me. Appreciated. What is the logic behind not recording the notes, velocity and voicing of what is played? Why would someone actually specify that? My question is not meant to be rhetorical or confrontational by the way :wink: Perhaps I’m using these features all wrong . . . .


I’m not sure with the voicing (I cannot try it, In not with Cubase right now). As far as I know, you can record even your own clusters…

Regarding the Velocities, probably it would need another afford then. User would like to have an option to edit the Velocities then for example.