Chord Pad Voicing not Updating

Hi. I apologise if I’ve got the tags wrong. I don’t really like this new forum style.

I have a question about the Chord Pad Voicings. I’m using my Chord Pads in Sections mode and have moved a few things around and now have a set up that I really like. It seems, though, that when you change voicings, either with a key or a controller, you have to then press the chord pad or corresponding key in order to get the new voicing to be applied.

I could have this all wrong, but I’d really like to be able to change voicings on the fly, without having to press the chord pad key each time. Is this possible? I’d be grateful for any help.


How do you change the voicing, please? Do you use the arrows on the Chord Pad or do you control it via MIDI?