Chord Pads MIDILearn (9.20)

I tried the Midi Learn function. It detects something, but does never what I expect it to do.

Eg Remote Control->Player Control: When I click MIDI Learn, I can only teach in Section 4. How can I select the section, that I want to MIDILearn?

Btw, the keyboard row displaying the chord pad MIDI zones seem to have some bugs. At least the colors of the keys are not always rendered correctly.

And then there is this issue with displaying C as B# and F as E#.

Are there realy so many bugs? Or is there something that I might do wrong?


Yes, this is an known issue of Cubase 9.0.20 version.

If a note is already assigned to a chord (blue keys) then you can’t assign it. If you are using “sections” (orange keys) you can only assign those, again, to notes not already in use.

All this can make “midi learn” a bit tricky. However, you can move the assigned notes up and down, or assign notes not already in use with “Learn.” The whole trick is to not remember that if a note is assigned it can not be “learned.”

Keep working with it. It’s tricky, but the “Sections” can be very helpful and give good results.