Chord Pads missing main and mode scales presets

It seems it would be a good idea for Steinberg to deliver such presets with the next maintenenace update.
If you like to have a (self made) solution now:
Dorian is the same scale as major but the root note is 2 semi tones higher.
Example: C dorian is the same as Bb major.
Other example: the dorian of C major is D dorian.
So you could re-arrange the order the pads of major scale accordingly and save it as dorian.

Phrygian is 4 semi tones higher than major.
Lydian is 5 semi tones higher than major.
Mixolydian is 7 semi tones higher than major.
Nine semi tones is natural minor - you got that already from the other solution.
Locrian is 11 semi tones higher (or 1 semi tone lower) than major.