Chord pads not playing via Midi in specific project


Edit: I have to say this is only happening in a large project coming from C7.5; a simple C8 test project is working fine, i.e. chord pads can be triggered via midi keyboard there.
Maybe anyone has a hint where to look at, I could iagine some setting is not configured properly…

somehow I cannot manag to play the chord pads via my midi keyboard, hope you can help me…

Chord pads pressed by mouse works fine (so i assume setup is ok)
and also remote control for chord pads is activated

Now I have two problem here:
a) If sequencer is stopped, Midi input is not recognized to play any chord pads, but it plays normal notes to the respective instrument
b) If I play the sequencer, other instruments in the project sending midi data (i.e. geist) are all triggering the chord pads

I tried to select different Midi sources in the inspector for my intrument track, i.e. all midi in, only my midi keyboard, no input
But behavior is always the same as described above

Thanks for any help :wink: