Chord Pads - Not working at all.


I’ve just installed 8 and I can’t get the chord pad function to do anything.

I open a new project, insert a VST instrument, and then go to Project and Chord Pads.

Nothing happens, I get no new window or anything, and the option in the menu stays the same, no tick mark for instance.

Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong, am I missing a step?

It’s running on a mac book air and Yosemite.



the missing step is reading the manual, which will tell you which step you missed (which is most likely setting up the target VSTi in the inspector).

Hi All

Thanks for the replies but I think I found the problem.

The steps I posted in my first post are fine and work ok. However I had previously used an old workspace first, it seems that using the old workspace combined with the limited screen space of my mac book air prevented the Chord Pads from showing.

I can’t test this now, because my workspaces have been updated.